Paint Your Own Cookies

$6 per set

Paint your own cookies are a great birthday party favor or gift for the holidays. You can order a custom paint your own set (1 dozen minimum) or they are also available for pre-sale during select holidays which you can buy as little or as many as you'd like.

Custom Cookies

Starting at $40 per dozen (Regular)
Starting at $20 per dozen (Minis)

Each cookie is hand crafted and designed specifically for you with your theme in mind. Custom cookie orders start at the above pricing for basic non-elaborate cookies. Adding airbrushing, metallics, intricate designs, lots of writing, etc will increase the price of the cookies.  

Most custom orders are larger cookies about 3 - 4" in size but you can also choose to do mini's, which are about 2" or smaller in size. Custom orders are 1/2 dozen minimum for regular size cookies and 1 dozen minimum for mini cookies.

Holiday Pre-Sale

$5 - $12

During select holidays we offer cookies that can be purchased individually or in pre arranged sets. Samples are made about 4 weeks or more before the holiday for you to shop. Pre-order sales are a great way to get individual items without placing a custom order!


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