Easter Pre Sale

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Each bag comes with bag topper and each box comes with a bow and round Easter tag

Paint Your Own Eggs

Comes with paintbrush to create your own edible masterpiece!
Mini Bunny Cards
Your choice of Blue/Green or Pink/Purple
5 Mini Bunnies (Choice of Color)
Choose from Blue/Green or Pink/Purple each option comes with yellow middle bunny
5 Multi Color Mini Bunnies
Bunny Bait - Bag of 12 Mini Carrots
2 Pack of Regular Bunnies
Your choice of Pink/Purple or Blue/Green
3 Pack of Mini Eggs
Choose your colors. Mix & match patterns or solids
Large Box of Bunnies
Your choice Pink/Purple or Blue/Green
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Color / Pattern Options

Bunny Color / Pattern Options
Egg Color / Pattern Options
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